Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Terrible Terrapin

I wonder what a longer post, with a photo, would look like? Longer posts are interesting, if they're not boring and long. Sometimes, like Tim Duncan, something can be long, and boring at the same time. I'm speaking strictly about his height, of course.

Calling me 'Timmy Turtle the Terrible Terrapin' is redundant. A turtle IS a terrapin. Dave needs to take basic zoology again.

They call him Timmy Turtle the Terrible Terrapin, due to his college's mascot (the Maryland Terrapins). Actually, my friend Dave is the only one who calls him that. I think if Tim Duncan heard Dave call him a Terrible Turtle, Dave would soon be sporting a new black eye.

1 comment:

Andy Mathews said...

Dude! Tim Duncan (and I) are Demon Deacons!!!!

Your pal - Andy